Fortis Virtual Spring Dance

In the last year or so, we’ve been faced with various challenges, some unimaginable prior to entering this chapter of our lives. But, as we Fortisans tend to do, we’ve adapted and found new ways of achieving our goals.

To that end, we’ve moved our Annual Spring Buffet and Dance onto a virtual platform this year, hence, the birth of our “Fortis Virtual Spring Dance.” The event will be held on REMO, a virtual platform that allows for a more in-person like interaction among the guests.

The dinner for the event will be provided by some of our favorite eateries across the GTA, representing the Regions of Durham, York, Toronto, Peel and Halton. A warm, delicious, mouth-watering curry goat and jerk chicken dinner will be delivered to the front door of each guest who chooses the dinner option. We’ll also have an equally delicious veggie option for the non-meat eaters. Your dinner will be served with your choice of beer or wine. There will also be a dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth in you.

MC, Paul Blake, KC Old Boy and multi-talented entertainer and pastor, will be guiding us through the evening and I anticipate a “belly full” of laughs.

Principal, Dave Myrie, will be our guest speaker, and I anticipate his speech will be both informative and inspiring, as usual.

DJs, Gary “Rubbas” Harris, KC Old Boy, and Captain Ritchie, KC Old Boy, & Rufus from Cool Flex, will keep the party vibes juggling with your favourite selections throughout the evening.

Mrs. Frances Coke, former KC teacher and author, will be reading a few lines from her book titled, “The Spirit of Clovelly Park,” reflecting on her learning and teaching days at KC.

We’ll wrap up the night with more music and some prizes and surprises.

We look forward to your joining our efforts to continue Mission Fortis for our beloved alma mater.

As usual, all net proceeds will be used in support of Kingston College, Jamaica.

Please contact Richard Housen at for your ticket purchases.